Looking back once more...

2015 was a year of challenges and struggle for me.  I spent the first few months wrapping up my 4th album in Los Angeles.  The feeling of creating something that feels like a next step in my evolution as an artist is a drug to me.  I remember the pure excitement I felt with my friend and writing partner, Malina while sitting in the mix room at Henson Studios.  We made something truly beautiful together.  

Strange Bird was set to be released on March 10th and it came out that day, quietly.  I had plans though.  Plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support a tour, plans to make music videos.  Plans to meet you. 

The day after Strange Bird came out, I found out I had a tumor in my bladder which was cancerous.  Talk about a priority check.  Nothing clears the noise like the 'C' word.  All of these ideas I had swirling around for months turned into one very simple desire.  Live.  Eventually that desire turned into 'live NOW' and 'love deeply'.  Strange Bird kindly took a back seat to my health and well being.  The music on that record was a strong force in my year though.  I feel as if few people have heard it but the ones who have needed it just as much as I did.  

I was one of the lucky ones.  I discovered the cancer in my body before it could take me from my loved ones and passions.  I am now strong in mind and body.  I have more to say in 2016.  So much more.  So I will begin now.  

I am starting to write more music and will be sharing with you along the way.  Please know that all of your merchandise orders that you place with me on this website directly fund my recording efforts.  I process every order and see your names.  I feel grateful for every penny.  You are and have always been a part of this journey.  Thank you for sticking around.  I promise to keep sharing my heart with you.  

Here's to health and happiness in 2016. 


 Louie and I on a ski cross country in my back yard. :) 

Louie and I on a ski cross country in my back yard. :)