When I was a little girl living in Indiana

I wanted to make music because I knew that I would be better understood if I put my feelings and words into song. I started to write songs and sing the stories of my life and the stories that I witnessed in the lives of others.

Something special happens when you put your truth into a song. Other people hear it and see themselves in the lyrics and the song can then have a life and purpose for that person outside of what it means to me.

I have formed a really special relationship with many of my listeners for this reason. I never expected the magic of my music becoming the soundtrack to so many moments in peoples lives. I now understand the real importance of this and consider it an absolute honor to be a part of someones life in such a way.

My name is Natalie.

I write songs for humanity and about humanity. A bio is typically full of important names, milestones and bragging rights.

I am not here for bragging rights. I am here for human connection through music. It is the most powerful and beautiful thing about me...my love of creating music for you. Thank you for being here.