‘Natalie’s blissful voice will carry you away’ -Jason Bentley KCRW

"Natalie Walker is one of the most intriguing new talents I have heard in a while." -Arjan Writes

“Natalie has an intoxicating voice that draws listeners to it like an  addict’s drug of choice”-Trace Magazine

"An artist like Natalie Walker comes along only once in a great while."- Sat Bisla (A&R Worldwide)

"Natalie Walker sings like an angel"- Conde Naste (Fashion Rocks)

"Natalie Walker is one of those rare artists that manages to strike the perfect balance between consistency and a gradual evolution in sound.” -Bradley Stern (www.muumuse.com)

"A hypnotic undercurrent lingers beneath her music's drowsy sensuality”-Billboard Magazine